Laminators (Roll fed)

Roll Fed Laminators come in a wide range of styles and sizes ranging from A4 to A0 generally, although in some cases even bigger. In selecting a machine it’s essential you consider the types of stock, types of finish, whether single sided, double sided or coating both will be required. Will you need to use hot, cold (pressure sensitive) or both types of process?, quantities now and going forward, will you need to mount to board for displays at some stage?.

The type of printer you will be using also plays a big part in the decission making as many digital printers / presses use sillicone and or wax in with the toners to produce th high sheen (gloss) finish, and these can cause problems with the adhesion of the film to the printed work. The good news is that by using the right equipment and films you can overcome this quite easily.

Our highly discounted prices start from as little as £595.00 plus VAT for a simple but very professional A3 model, and our 43 years engineering experience available to help you choose which product best suits your requirements,  well that’s free !

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