Ex Demo GMP Excelam-Plus 355R

Brand: GMP

The excelam plus is a 355 mm operating width laminator.

£1295 ex vat

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It has a laminating speed of 3 meters per minute. The machine can handle laminating films from 25 to 500 micron in thickness. Both upper and bottom films feature a simple to access film tension controller . The pressure is adjustable via a leaver and has a total of 6 settings for laminating and mounting. When laminating single sided work a decurling device allows flat curl free prints. At the rear if the machine is a integrated knife to cut the sides of encapsulated work. Built in fans cool the film after laminating. Also included is a take up roll which can be used for mounting or cold pressure sensitive laminating. Independent temperature control for both top and bottom rollers. The front feed table has a movable paper guide for aligning prints to be laminated.  The machines memory function can save regular used temperatures and speeds for ease of use. Will laminate substrates from 80 to 350 gsm.