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Ideal 5221-95EP Guillotine
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Ideal 5221-95EP Guillotine
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The Ideal 5221-95EP Programable guillotine The IDEAL 5221-95 EP is a fully featured programmable guillotine capable of cutting the full range of B3 materials. Back gauge position is fully programmable, optical cutting guide, paper push function and manual control for precise positioning of the back gauge add up to a highly productive package. Error messaging, side lay guides and full safety features further enhance the guillotine’s appeal as a production machine. Features * 520 mm cutting length (all round an SRA3 sheet) * 80mm cutting depth * electro-mechanical blade drive * automatic clamping system * clamp can be lowered or raised independently from blade * power backgauge with fully programmable ”EP“ backgauge control and digital measurement readout * digital display for measurement readout in cm or inches (display accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch) * 10-button key pad for presetting of measurement * memory key for repeat cuts * programmable “EP” back gauge control module for 9 programs with 9 steps in each program * up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated into a program as one program step * setting of program steps via “Start” button * “SET” function key for reference measurement * programmable EJECT function - for pushing out the paper * two programmable keys for quick setting of frequently needed measurements * self-diagnosis system with error indication on display * electronic hand wheel for manual backgauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control * (from very slow to very fast) * optical cutting line * clamp guided on both sides for evenly distributed clamping pressure * spindle guided backgauge for precise positioning * adjustable backgauge with narrow separations and plastic gliders * two side lays each on front and rear tables * solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides * comprehensive ”SCS“ safety system * set of side tables (left and right) available at an extra cost Specifications Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 1~1, Motor performance (input capacity): blade drive 1.1 kW, clamp drive 0.32 kW, backgauge drive 0.1 kW, Dimensions (H x W x D): 1260 x 855/15602 x 1067 mm Weight: 262 kg Colour: pearl grey All aspects backed by our own engineers and 40 years experience of the industry and IDEAL guillotines. Machines are fully guaranteed for 12 months and H&SE PIACC1999 certificated, extended warranties or maintenance agreements are available thereafter.